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Reaching your Chinese Consumers

Maximizing your marketing plan results in China


Prospective and Promising Market in China

High standard of living and increase in buying power

Spending More, Desiring Better

The world is suprised by the growing wealth and complexity of Chinese consumers. Increasing desire for premium products leading the trend of international luxury brands and corporates engaging in China's market. You will never need to worry about consumer spending despite China's slowing economy!

China Consumers Spending

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Moving Online

Online social media platforms become the most popular and effective promotion channels for foreign and local businesses to reach target audience globally.


Our 3 Brands Solutions

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Connect and support your business with a wide range of Chinese online and offline media resources.

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Dedicated to provide quality solutions to your business

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Manage your marketing communications strategy to build mutually beneficial relationships with the publics.

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Aim High with Aimplify

A young and fast-growing marketing company under ACP GROUP based in both Hong Kong and China serving foreign brands/ companies with rich marketing knowledge and resources in China. We help our clients to reach their services and products to China.

Key SNS Public Account
Social Network Site (SNS): WeChat, Weibo, QQ, Taobao, JD.com, etc.
Online Promotion
Popular media websites: CCTV, Sohu, 163.com, QQ.com, etc.
Offline Promotion
Vehicles, shopping malls, magazines, billboards etc.
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Maximize the exposure of your business

Develop your Wechat account and build your brand by collaborating with Key Social Network Sites to maximize the exposure of your business.

  Registration and Verification
  Official Website Linkage
  Online Shop
  Tailormade Account Menu
  Auto Replies
  Account Design
  Account Maintenance
  Content Management
  Manage Follows and Likes
  Marketing Strategies
  HTML5 Design and Promotion
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Target within short period of time

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Great amount of visits, forwards, likes and comments


Big pools of KOL in different categories


Connections with most key media and online TV channels

Connect with wide range of audience

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Main Cities of China


Universities Network


Public transports
shopping malls

Connecting your Chinese consumers starts here

Connect with Consultify

With rapid development of economy in China, geographical advantages of Hong Kong and our expertise in various aspects, such of professional accountants, senior management consultants and our related associates in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas, our company may provide clients with a diversified service in consultancy and international business management.

Our staff in Hong Kong is proficient in English, Cantonese and Putonghua. Should you have any enquires or interested in further understanding of our company's services, please feel free to contact us.

Produce with Global Talents Collaboration

We do experiements round the clock. We provide diversified customized services for more than 50 experienced multimedia production units worldwide.

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Don’t bite off more than one can chew!
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They broke the mould when they made...
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A marriage made in heaven.
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Our Services

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Website Development

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Game & App Development

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Photography & Videography

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Graphic Design

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Motion Graphics/ 3D/CG Animation

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Key Introduction

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Website and Graphic Design
LOGO, trademark, packaging, UX, UI, brochures, business cards, posters and so on.

2D, 3D CG Illustration and Animation
Style illustrations, plane and three-dimensional animation, CGI, VFX effects and so on.

Commercial Filming and Post Production
Advertisment, MV, activity highlights, models, products photoshooting, micro-film, editing and so on.

VR Design and Development
Mobile games, H5, Flash, VR and so on.

Connecting your Chinese consumers starts here

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Marketing and Creative Manager

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Account Manager

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